Mieko Anekawa studied Graphic Design in Kyoto, Japan and moved to New York City in 2004. Her art has been in galleries in Chelsea, Tribeca, Queens, and Brooklyn, and she has been in international exhibitions in Amsterdam, Belgium, Canada, England, Osaka, and Tokyo. Her work was also selected to feature in an MTV drama pilot show.

Mieko’s art has been reviewed as “gorgeous, colorful paintings, that balance swirling dynamism with a self-assured peace," and by others as "otherworldly artwork and videography." One reviewer stated her art “invokes [Andy] Warhol’s work with its bold abstracted graphic quality.”

Mieko has expanded her art in collaborations with other professional artists and has done live paintings, installations with Japanese Ikebana arrangements and body paintings of performance artists. She currently works at a studio in the Spanish Village Art Center in Balboa Park.

Artist Statement:
With rich colors and movement captured in her paintings, the work of Mieko Anekawa explores the excitement of combining naturalism and feminism into an organic collaboration.  She expresses the vibration of living elements with the unspoken messages of human expression into her art.

Mieko’s ambition is to stimulate connections between the unstable feelings of being a minority in America with the serenity and content feelings of her Japanese ethnicity. She achieves this via the women in her paintings, which express their emotion solely in their attitude, not needing words.

She paints as a self-healing process, to explore and grasp her emotional states. Mieko uses the Alla Prima technique with oil paining to capture the moments in surrealism.